Protecting Your Trees and Lawn During Winter: Tips You Need to Know

18 December 2023
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Winter can be harsh on trees and lawns. The cold temperatures, snow, and ice make it a challenging time for your outdoor spaces. However, there are some things you can do to protect your trees and lawn during winter. Here are six tips to keep your outdoor spaces healthy and beautiful throughout the winter months.

Water Your Trees and Lawn Before The Ground Freezes

During winter, the moisture in the soil that provides important nutrients for trees and lawns dries out quickly. Before the ground freezes, make sure to water your trees and lawn thoroughly. This will allow them to store enough water to survive the winter months. Keep in mind that trees and lawns still need water, even during the dormant period.

Mulch Your Trees

Mulching your trees during winter is crucial to protect them from the harsh elements of the season because it is an excellent insulator that helps regulate soil moisture temperature and prevents soil erosion. Apply two to three inches of mulch around the base of your trees. Make sure not to pile it up too high, as it can cause moisture to build up around the trunk, making it more susceptible to pests and disease.

Prune Damaged Branches:

Inspect your trees and prune damaged or broken branches before winter sets in. This will prevent them from breaking off under the heavy snow and ice. Pruning will also encourage healthy growth come spring.

Remove Leaves on Your Lawn

It is essential to keep your lawn clean of dead leaves during winter. When leaves accumulate on your lawn, they prevent sunlight and air from reaching the grass. This can cause mold and mildew to form, deteriorating the grass.

Keep Your Lawn Free of Snow and Ice

When it snows, make sure to shovel or plow your driveway, walkways, and patios frequently. This will prevent water from pooling around your trees and lawn, where it can quickly turn into ice. Ice buildup is dangerous for both you and your plants, so be sure to clear it as soon as possible.

Cover Your Shrubs and Trees

When extreme cold temperatures are forecasted, cover your shrubs and trees with burlap or a natural fabric to protect them from damage. Trees that have thin bark can split when the temperatures drop rapidly. By covering them, you help keep them warm, which prevents damage.

Your trees and lawn are an essential part of your outdoor space, and protecting them during winter is crucial to their health and beauty year-round. Remember to water before the ground freezes, mulch your trees, prune damaged branches, remove leaves on your lawn, keep your lawn free of snow and ice, and cover your shrubs and trees when necessary. If you need help caring for your lawn, consider reaching out to a tree and lawn care service for help.