Hire A Tree Pruning Service To Keep Your Trees Healthy And Safe

22 January 2019
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If you have ornamental or fruit trees on your property, they should be pruned regularly so they stay healthy and bear plentiful flowers and fruit. All trees benefit from pruning, but the effects of pruning are especially beneficial when you want to stimulate lush growth. Here's why you should hire a professional to prune your trees when they get too large for DIY pruning.

Removing Dead Branches Keeps Trees Healthy

One important aspect of pruning is to remove dead branches from a tree. A dead branch can attract insects and diseases that can then spread to the rest of the tree. Plus, dead branches are an eyesore and a safety hazard. While you can prune away dead branches near the bottom of the tree if you use the correct technique, it can be dangerous to prune near the top of the trees if you need to work from a ladder or lift. Hiring a professional tree pruning service is a good way to ensure you don't keep postponing the work and that the pruning is done safely.

Pruning Encourages Vigorous Growth

Different types of trees have their own unique needs and guidelines for the right time to prune branches. A tree expert knows when it's the right time to prune the types of trees in your yard to obtain the results you want. You may want to have the trees pruned in early spring if you want lush spring and summer growth. If you want to control the spread of the tree, you might have it pruned back in the fall of the year. By pruning away wildly growing branches and branches that are bunched too close together, more sunlight and nutrients will reach the branches that produce leaves, flowers, or fruit so the tree will be healthier and have a more lush appearance.

Pruning Keeps Trees Out Of Trouble

You should always understand the potential for growth of any tree that you plant or any tree that's on property that you buy. Some trees may be fine for several years, but as they reach maturity, they may grow into power lines or hang over your home if they've not been pruned to control their growth. Pruning to control growth is best done while a tree is young so the shape and balance of the tree can be maintained. By pruning branches growing in the wrong direction, you may prevent the need to remove the tree at a later time when it becomes a threat to your home or property.

When you move to a new property, it might already have large trees that are headed for trouble and those could be beyond your ability to prune. A tree service can recommend the right way to deal with the tree such as cutting back limbs and branches, and then do the work so the tree stays healthy but doesn't grow into your home or electrical lines. For more information, contact a company like Alley Tree Removal today.