3 Reasons To Call A Professional Tree Trimming Service ASAP

28 August 2018
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How long has it been since the tree or trees on your property were trimmed by a professional? Have you even been keeping track of how long it's been? If your answer was greater than 2-3 years, or you don't even know how long it's been, chances are good that your tree is overdue for some maintenance and trimming. While it might not seem like a necessity to the average person, there are a number of reasons why you really should call in professional tree trimming services. Some of the best reasons include:

Invisible damage: 

You might think that if the storm damage to a tree is invisible then you don't have to worry about it, but this isn't the case. Invisible damage can be just as dangerous as visible damage. Consider a storm that featured heavy snow or winds: your tree may look fine after the storm is over, but the limbs have become stressed and damaged to the point where they are likely to break off with relative ease the next time a storm rolls in. Professional tree trimming services are trained to identify parts of a tree that either were damaged or that are most likely to become damaged in the future, removing them before they become a serious hazard. 

Prevent toppling: 

Larger trees that haven't encountered any tree trimming services for a while can become thickly overgrown, with limbs that cross over each other. While it may seem good to have heavy growth, these extra leaves and limbs are more likely to catch the wind in a similar manner to a kite in a strong breeze. If the tree doesn't have strong roots, something you can't tell simply by looking, catching the wind can sometimes result in the tree falling over as a result of a relatively light wind.

Eliminate disease: 

Whether caused by insects or a fungus, diseased trees are ultimately significantly weaker than their healthy counterparts. The employees of tree trimming services have been trained in how to recognize the damage that has been caused by these things and to remove the diseased sections in order to prevent disease from spreading and getting worse. This will improve the strength of the tree as a whole, not only preventing issues in the near future, but also helping to prevent it from completely dying off or needing to be cut down before it falls over and destroys something else in its path.