Using Wood Chippers To Get More From Your Garden And Tree Waste Materials

9 December 2016
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The materials that you use in your garden and landscaping can be costly. If you like to have a well-maintained garden, but want to reduce costs, there is a solution. The waste from tree trimming and removal can be a good recourse for the materials used in gardens. You can use a wood chipper to break waste down and use it as mulch, compost, and other materials. Using the wood chippers, you will be able to do these tasks for your garden:

1. Break Down Even the Smallest Garden Waste for Your Compost Pile

Even the smallest garden waste can be broken down by a wood chipper. If you have a compost pile, mix it up with clippings that have been turned into mulch. Use the smallest waste from things like dead plants and trimmings of roses and hedges. These materials will decompose quickly and add to your compost pile. To help with the decomposing process, add coffee grounds to the mixture, which will add nutrients and help maintain a healthy moisture level for the compost bin.

2. Use Pruning Clippings to Create Mulch for a Vegetable Garden

There may also be larger clippings from trees that you want to get rid of. Larger woodchips are not an ideal material for compost because they take longer to decompose. To limit the amount of large materials in compost bins, use clippings from tree pruning for mulch to cover a vegetable garden. Use the wood chipper to make mulch and cover the vegetable garden with it. You can also use a weed barrier beneath the covering, helping to stop weeds and improve soil moisture.

3. Use Split Logs from A Tree Removal to Create Clean Mulch Or Use As Natural Charcoal

Logs can also be a good source of materials to use for ground cover in your landscaping. If you want to create garden paths or a nice look for flowerbeds, split large logs to a size that the wood chipper can handle. Use these materials to cover paths and add an attractive covering for landscaping features. To make the material more uniform in color, clean off the bark and leafy materials before chipping it into mulch.

The wood chipper can help you turn tree waste into usable materials, but you may still need help dealing with tree care. Contact a tree service, such as Show Me Tree Service, and talk with them about tasks like trimming and removing trees, so you can use the waste in your garden.