2 Signs Your Trees Need To Be Trimmed

31 July 2015
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Do you know how to tell a healthy tree from a dying one? Unless you are an arborist by trade, it might not be easy to give the trees in your yard the tender loving care that they require. Here are two signs those trees need to be trimmed, and why proper pruning is crucial to your landscaping success:

1: Some of the Branches Look Dead

Before a tree dies altogether, it might lose a few sections to disease or insect infestations. However, if you have these sections cut away before they infect the entire structure, you might be able to keep that tree alive. Here are a few things to look for that might indicate dead branches:

  • Color: Are some of those tree branches different colors than others? While healthy tree branches are typically brown with warm undertones, dead branches take on a silvery gray appearance.  
  • Bark Problems: Sometimes when trees are infected, they exhibit bark problems. Look for dark spots, raised lumps, or peeling bark. If you spot problems, those branches might need to be removed.
  • Foliage: When tree limbs start to die, the leaves are the first things to go. Look for branches that are more barren than other leaves.

If you can tell that parts of your tree have died, contact a tree pruning contractor. In addition to evaluating the health of your tree and pruning away diseased limbs, they might also be able to recommend treatments to prevent future problems.

2: Irregular Growth Patterns

Because pruning seems like an easy job, homeowners tend to take on the task without a lot of thought. However, trees have to be pruned properly to stay healthy and to maintain a natural shape. If previous homeowners trimmed foliage improperly, it might have taken on an unnatural growth pattern, which can be dangerous.

For example, if someone in the past chopped off the top of your tree, a process that is also referred to as "topping," your tree might be wider on the sides than it is on top. Over time, the side branches can grow larger than they should, throwing the balance of the tree off kilter and causing trunk fractures. To spot irregular growth patterns, compare your trees to pictures of the same varieties online. If your trees look like they have been improperly cut or molded in the past, a professional might need to remove sections to prompt others to grow. 

In addition to identifying problems and removing disease, a tree trimming company like Pete & Ron's Tree Service can make your yard look better than ever.