Three Non-Evergreen Trees That Will Grow Quickly In Your Landscape

6 July 2015
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Are you tired of looking for fast-growing trees to plant in your yard, only to find that most of those suggested are evergreen varieties? There are deciduous trees that grow quickly – they're just harder to find than fast-growing evergreens. These three non-evergreen tree varieties will add several feet of height per year, allowing you to enjoy big, beautiful trees in your yard sooner.

Tulip Poplar

If you're looking for a truly unique tree, consider planting a tulip poplar. Their yellow and pink flowers resemble tulips, and they attract wildlife like squirrels and deer. Tulip poplars grow rapidly to their mature heights of 80 – 120 feet. They have narrow trunks that tend to be between 2 and 5 feet in diameter. Their leaves are dark green and smooth with pronounced, light green veins.

Tulip poplars should not be planted in overly windy areas, since they can succumb to wind damage. They are generally free from insects and disease, and they do best in moderately moist, well-drained soil.

American Sycamore

American sycamores are incredibly hardy. They will experience fast growth rates even in soil that is heavy, polluted or otherwise undesirable. Many reach 10 feet in height as seedlings. Mature sycamores are known for their broad crowns, which offer plenty of shade in the summer. In the fall, their leaves turn a brilliant yellow and red before tumbling to the ground.

American sycamore trees can reach up to 37 meters (121 feet) in height, so make sure you allow plenty of space when planting yours. The trees need full sunlight, especially when young. Fertilization is not usually necessary.

Lombardy Poplar

This tall, upright tree is perhaps one of the fastest growing deciduous trees on the planet, shooting up about 6 feet per year. Lombardy poplars are great for creating windscreens and privacy barriers, thanks to their upright shapes and dense foliage. However, they also look nice planted as single trees or in small groups. They reach about 40 – 50 feet in height.

Lombardy poplars prefer well-drained soil and full sunlight. They are short-lived and often succumb to insect blights, to if you choose this type of tree, keep in mind that you may have to replace them in the future.

Planting one of these deciduous tree varieties in your yard will allow you to enjoy beautiful, majestic trees in just a few short years. The right tree variety will depend on what you're trying to achieve. Lombardy poplars are good for property barriers, sycamores are perfect shade trees, and tulip poplars are a novel ornamental addition to your yard. These trees may be tough to find in some areas, but be persistent. Specialty garden stores and online tree retailers will likely carry them. For more information about trees and their care, contact a professional like Yarnell Tree Co Inc.