5 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planting Trees

2 July 2015
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Whether you own your own home, your own business, or even just a little bit of land that you want to beautify, planting trees is a sure way to add beauty to your land. But you can't just plant a tree down anywhere. You have to know where the best places to plant are, and there are several factors that go into this decision. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself when trying to decide where to plant your trees

  1. How much space do the roots need to grow? One factor that effects where you plant your trees is underground space. Before you buy a tree, be sure to either research that particular tree yourself or ask around at the store that you're purchasing it from to find out how much room the roots need to grow to reach their full potential. Roots can do a lot of damage if not given enough space, so in order to avoid broken sidewalks or even damaged foundations to your house or business, know what you're getting yourself into first.
  2. Where are the utility lines located? Before you start digging, be sure to contact your water, power and gas companies and find out if there are any pipes or wires under your land. This will help you eliminate the risk of running into anything important when you're planting.
  3. How big will your tree be? This is another reason that you need to thoroughly research your trees before you pick a species out. You need to know how tall it will be and how wide its canopy will spread. This way you can avoid it growing too high and bumping into phone lines or growing too wide and running into your house
  4. How much soil, sun and moisture will your tree need? Where you plant your tree will greatly depend on the needs of the individual tree. If your tree needs lots of sunlight, plant it in an area that is sure to get plenty hours of direct sunlight. If your tree needs lots of moisture, don't plant it on a hill where the rainwater will simply run off.
  5. What do you want your tree to do? Ask yourself what purpose the tree will serve? Is it to enhance the look of your home or business? Trees are great at improving the look of any building if placed strategically. Is it to help save on utility costs? Planting multiple trees around the building can provide shade in the summer and block wind in the winter, greatly reducing your utilities.

Planting trees in your yard is a great way to add beauty and a feeling of comfort and friendliness. Strategically placing your trees will only add to this feeling, so be sure to ask yourself these questions before planting your trees to ensure that they will live long lives and reach their full potential. For more advice or help with your decision, contact a professional like those at Darrel Emel's Tree Service.