4 Tips To Help You Deal With The Leftover Debris From Tree Removal

30 June 2015
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If you have to have a tree removed from your property, there is a lot of debris to deal with. Tree services will often haul this material away for you, but for an extra charge. This is why many people decide to deal with the debris themselves. There are many things that can be done with the materials left behind after having a tree removed, such as using it for firewood, making wood chips and using small debris for compost. Here are some tips to help clean up your tree removal mess and make use of the material:

1. Making Compost With The Smallest Debris

To start cleaning up, you can break down the smallest materials with a wood chipper. This material can then be used for compost piles. Leaves and small materials will break down the quickest and make good soil. If you have larger pieces, you can use a shovel to run the material through the chipper twice to make it smaller. Adding used coffee grounds  to the material can give it more nutrients and help speed up the decomposition process.

2. Chipping The Branches For Mulch And Ground Cover

In addition to compost, wood chippers can also be used to make mulch for ground cover. If you want a solid color, you can chip of all the bark from the wood before you put it in the chipper. With evergreens like pine trees, the bark can also be used as a separate ground cover or mulch. Before you use it in landscaping, you may want to treat the area for insects, and repeat once you have the mulch down.

3. Using Large Branches For Firewood And BBQ Materials

The large branches from your tree can also make great firewood. You can cut them up into management pieces to use in a stove or fireplace. If you have hardwoods like oak, this material can also be good for BBQ. You will want to cut them in smaller pieces for this. To make charcoal, you can burn them to embers and then rinse them off with a hose and let the material dry. Doing this over a steel screen will clean all the ash off and leave behind only the charcoal. It is also a good way to dry the material.

4. Cutting Large Straight Trunks Into Lumber For Woodworking Projects

Large straight trunks can be good to use for lumber for woodworking projects. You can use a chainsaw to cut rough sizes and let the material dry. If you have rot-resistant materials like oak or cedar, they can be great to use for garden projects like raised flowerbeds.  If you use them outdoors, you may want to treat them with a sealant before using them. You can also use a moisture barrier where they are in contact with the soil to reduce decay.

These are some things that you can do to make use of the debris left behind after having a tree removal. If you are ready to have a dangerous tree removed from your home, contact a tree removal service such as D & L Tree and talk with them about cutting the debris into manageable pieces to do some of these things with it.