Why An Out-Of-Control Tree Is Not Good For Your Yard

7 December 2022
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When it comes to plants and shrubs that grow quickly and get out of control fast, trees are probably the last ones that come to mind. They take a long time to get bigger, but that doesn't mean they will not eventually start to become unruly in their growth patterns. It is precisely because it takes them so long to grow that many people underestimate just how unkempt they are. Here are a few reasons why an out-of-control tree is not good for your yard and why you should keep a tree trimming service on speed dial. 

Harder To Clean Up In The Fall

Most trees across America shed their leaves during the fall, creating a beautiful but messy deposit of organic waste all over your yard. If you don't rake it up into manageable piles, then this can leave you with decomposing leaves all over your yard, which can also in turn lead to explosive grass growth and a very difficult lawn next spring. If you don't want to be raking for days on end this coming fall, then ensuring the branches of your tree are trimmed down to a manageable amount is a pragmatic plan that you should try to implement soon.

Hazard During Harsh Months

During winter time, when there are plenty of storms with howling winds and lots of snow combined with freezing temperatures, the last thing you want flying through the air are dead branches that have snapped off your tree. The more untamed and untrimmed branches your tree has, the more likely they are to become flying projectiles, hurtling through the air and potentially breaking windows or, even worse, hitting people and pets alike. Keeping your tree trimmed down to a manageable figure reduces this chance dramatically, and all dead and dying branches will be removed as well.

Ugly Site

Sometimes it can be hard to really see what your yard looks like because you are around it constantly, and it becomes second nature to you. Ugly trees that are extremely messy with criss-crossed branches loaded with thick leaves often fly under the radar simply because their owners don't recognize just how bad they are. Don't let your home become more like a nature reserve or a jungle this holiday season when tree trimming is so easy to organize and doesn't cost that much either. Your family and neighbors will thank you, and your guests this holiday season and beyond will think you have a very beautiful yard once again.

For help taking care of your trees, contact a tree service in your area such as Custom Tree Surgeons.