Can Pruning Save Your Ailing Young Tree?

9 August 2022
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If you have an ailing or sick young tree in your backyard, you may think it's necessary to remove the tree rather than save it. Unless the tree shows visible signs of disease, you may be able to save it with pruning. Pruning removes parts of the tree that prevent it from healing or absorbing nutrients properly. Learn how pruning saves trees and how you can prune your ailing tree by reading below. 

What Does Pruning Do to Trees?

Some trees can become ill over time. If a tree becomes too sick to flourish, it may be in the owner's best interest to remove the tree completely. However, you can bring some ailing trees back to life with a special maintenance technique called pruning.

Pruning requires you to remove or cut away only specific parts of a tree, such as the canopy or branches. The parts of the tree can prohibit or limit growth and development in some trees, particularly young trees that fail to bloom or produce fruit. The canopy or branches may be too entangled or gnarled to allow sunlight or rainwater to reach the vital parts of the tree, such as the trunk and roots. Pruning changes the tree's growth so that it may have an opportunity to flower or bloom properly. 

Pruning isn't something you want to do yourself. Pruning can harm a tree if you don't know exactly where to cut into it. You want to have a tree company prune your ailing young tree for you.

How Do You Prune Your Ailing Tree?

A tree company will inspect your young tree to see if pruning is the best choice for it. Young trees can fail to thrive, flower, or bloom if they become overwhelmed with water, nutrients, or a lack of sunshine. If your tree sits in a place that exposes it to the problems above, a company will take steps to treat it for you.

If pruning is the best option for your tree, a company will only prune away the parts of the young tree that prohibit its growth and development. For example, the tree's canopy may be too gnarled or tangled to allow sunlight to break through it. Irregular-shaped branches and limbs may also cover the tree's trunk. If a company finds any issues with your young tree, they'll prune the problems away.

If you need help saving your young tree, contact a tree pruning service today.