3 Safety Tips To Follow When Doing Tree Removal

6 June 2022
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Trees are essential to the environment. When you plant them around your home, you get a beautiful yard and fresh air, which increases property value. However, a point will come in the lifespan of the trees that one will need cutting. You cut trees when they have dried up, aged, or become damaged in a storm. It is advisable to let tree professionals handle the removal process instead of doing it yourself. Here are four safety guidelines to follow when doing tree removal

Get the Recommended Cutting Equipment and Safety Gear

The first step in the tree removal process should be getting the right equipment to cut it. In addition to the cutting tools, you should invest in the recommended safety gear. Have goggles to protect your eyes from the shards that fly when you cut down the tree. Have coveralls, boots, and helmets because they will keep all parts of your body from the damage that might result from a falling tree or the cutting process. Remember that if you do not have experience with tree removal, it is best to work with a certified arborist. 

Check the Position of the Power Lines

The second step in your process should be checking for all possible hazards that could compromise your home's safety. Start the process by checking the tree distance from the power lines. If the tree stands in the way of the lines, you should consider cutting the branches closest to the lines before cutting down the tree. If the entire tree is too close to the power line, it best that you let the tree removal experts handle the process. They can even liaise with the local power company to switch off the power when removing the tree and minimize the risk of an electrical fire. 

Map Out the Escape Route

The cutting technique determines the path your tree follows as it falls. However, sometimes the tree weight and orientation of the branches can interfere with the designated fall route. In this case, you should have at least two escape routes. If you do not have an escape route, you might get caught up and injured as you cut. You should also engage experts for the removal if you suspect the tree could end up on a neighbor's property or the road.

Safety starts with the steps you take when cutting a tree. It is always wise to consult with tree removal experts to help you remove your trees safely and efficiently.