5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Tree Trimming Service

13 August 2021
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Tree trimming is an important landscaping task that shouldn't be ignored. It also isn't a task that you should do yourself. There are many good reasons to hire a professional tree trimming service to help care for your trees.

1. Prevent Disease Transmission

Unsanitary pruning practices can spread fungal, viral, and bacterial diseases between trees. Even a healthy-looking tree could harbor disease organisms, which you could inadvertently spread to the healthy trees in your yard. A professional tree service will take the time to clean or disinfect pruning tools before moving on to trim another tree, which minimizes the chances of disease spread. 

2. Maintain a Healthy Form

A healthy tree has a well-balanced crown and a relatively symmetrical disbursement of branches. This isn't achieved naturally, but via proper trimming techniques that begin when a tree is young and is then maintained during an annual trim. Proper shaping and training are vital to ensure a healthy form, so it is a task best left to a professional.

3. Avoid Dangerous Situations

Tree trimming can be dangerous. Branches that are hung up in power lines can pose an electrocution risk, for example. Larger branches can also be a hazard when they are coming down, as they can hit the person making the cut or cause damage below. Professionals have the training and experience to assess dangers and take the steps to prevent a hazardous situation from occurring. 

4. Get the Timing Right

Pruning a tree at the wrong time can be devastating. Most trees should be pruned in later winter, but there are some that won't flower unless you wait until early summer to trim. Pruning in the wrong season can also make trees more susceptible to certain diseases. A professional service will know what types of disease and insect stresses affect the species in your yard and in your location. They can make informed decisions to ensure that pruning is done at the optimum time for tree health.

5. Diagnose Problems Early

The earliest signs of tree distress aren't always obvious. Your tree service professionals will be better able to spot those early signs that could indicate disease, pest problems, or cultural issues. Part of a full-service visit includes more than just trimming the branches but also an assessment of the tree's health. If problems are found, steps can be taken right away to address them. 

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