Mistakes To Avoid During Tree Removal

26 July 2021
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Many people believe that tree removal is an easy task. This job is complex and requires the expertise of a tree removal service. Attempting to remove a tree on your own can lead to accidents, damage to property, and other negative consequences in the long term. Here are some mistakes people make during tree removal.

Failing to Remove the Stumps

When you chop down a tree, you are left with the stump and roots. If you leave the stump in your yard, it will attract insects. Stumps specifically attract termites, which are known for their destructive nature. Tree removal services have the expertise and the tools to grind stumps.

If the stump is left for too long, pests like termites can spread to your house. Eventually, the termites will start feeding on the wooden structures and furniture in your home. The resulting damage may be irreversible, and you may be forced to reconstruct your home.

Cutting Down a Rotten Tree

Rotten trees hurt the ecosystem and pose a significant danger to your family and neighbors. A rotten tree may seem like the easiest tree to remove because the bark and stem are rotten. However, it is the most dangerous tree to remove because it could fall at any time. 

A tree removal service knows how to check for signs of a dying tree. The arborist will note the tree's location and any electricity poles and cords or nearby structures. This surveillance helps prevent property damage. It also prevents damage to the power line, which could easily cause a fire. These preparations will help the tree removal expert control the tree's fall with caution and professional precision.

Failing to Wear Safety Gear

Even for tree removal experts, it is crucial to wear safety gear. These include safety glasses, gloves, and a hard hat. Safety glasses protect their eyes from the slivers of wood and sawdust that are produced while they are cutting the tree with a chainsaw.

The gloves strengthen their grip on the chainsaw. They also provide protection from sawdust. Lastly, the hard hat protects their head from limbs and other debris that may fall while they are chopping down the tree.

In Conclusion

Tree removal is a necessary practice if a tree is old and has outlived its purpose. However, it is not a task you can perform on your own. Tree removal requires expertise, which is why you should consult a tree removal company if you plan on cutting down any trees.