More Than Just Pruning: 4 Overlooked Benefits Of Tree Trimming Services

7 October 2019
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The subject of tree trimming probably doesn't cross your mind until you suddenly notice an overhanging branch threatening your roof, car, or driving visibility — or unless a bolt of lightning leaves you with a fallen tree limb decorating your front yard. What many people don't realize, however, is that tree trimming services can enhance your outdoor landscape in a number of ways — not just during a crisis but all year round. Here are four valuable benefits you can receive from local tree trimming services.

1. Tree Removal Services

Sometimes you simply need or want to get rid of a tree altogether, instead of trimming individual branches. This may become necessary if your tree is rotted out, completely dead, or too sick to rehabilitate. The need becomes even more urgent if that tree is leaning toward your home in a way that threatens your roof, car, or power lines. Trees that leave messy pollen or sap all over your car may need to go as well. Overly large or crowded trees may interfere with each other's growth. Even if you simply want to remodel your yard or see your neighborhood more clearly, that's reason enough to remove one or more trees.

Tree trimming companies typically include tree removal services among their offerings. In addition to cutting down and hauling away the tree, your tree trimmer may also be able to grind the remaining stump down into tiny pieces. This option helps you avoid the gaping hole your lawn would sustain from a total tree stump removal.

2. Getting Rid of Ball Moss

Do you see weird, tumbleweed-like blobs of vegetation in your tree branches? These clumps are known as ball moss, but they don't really qualify as moss. These odd-looking relatives of the pineapple attach themselves to branches and get their water and nutrients from the air. While they're not actually starving your trees, their accumulated weight can cause the branches to droop lower and lower while possibly weakening the branches or interfering with their ability to grow new shoots. For many tree owners, they simply constitute an eyesore.

Professional tree trimmers know how to get rid of ball moss without harming the underlying trees. Your tree trimming expert may start with the careful use of a high-pressure water spray to knock the ball moss off of the branches. If that approach fails, the tree trimmer will apply a copper-based fungicide that kills the ball moss.

3. Plant Mulch and Fertilizer Services

Tree trimming services can produce some remarkably positive benefits for your whole yard. For instance, you can ask your tree trimmer to grind that troublesome tree stump into a pile of wood chips to be used as mulch. The mulch can then help supply moisture and nutrients to your vegetables, flowers, bushes, and other yard flora. This practice also sets the stage for natural fertilization of your plant life. Your tree trimmer can add a little nitrogen to those wood chips, which frees up the carbon contained in them for nutrient-rich coil and healthier plants.

4. Tree Wellness Care

Tree trimmers aren't just experts at removing or pruning tree structures that are causing trouble — they also know how to help keep your trees alive and well for many years to come. Periodic trimming gets rid of pests and other unwanted organisms that might otherwise threaten an entire tree's health. It also allows you to control the growth rate of your trees. Your tree trimmer may also add mulch or ground covers around the bases of trees to help ensure that those trees receive the proper nourishment. You can even receive valuable advice on watering practices to make sure you're not over-watering or under-watering your trees between tree trimmer visits.

You can think of your trusted tree trimming services provider not just as a tree trimmer but as a family doctor for those tall, stout, proud members of your front or back yard. Ask about all the different services you can use to help you get the most out of your beloved trees!