Pruning Errors: What To Avoid

19 June 2018
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Healthy trees of all kinds need pruning so that they're at their best. You might already know the basics of pruning, which is to remove dead and certain other leaves and branches in order for the tree to grow. Even with your knowledge, errors can be made. These mistakes could lead to minor or major tree problems, so avoiding these pruning errors is key.

Ignoring the Job

Perhaps the worst thing to do with trees is to ignore cutting and pruning altogether. You might reason with yourself that wild trees aren't touched by humans and do well. However, if you've bought different trees or just want to maintain the ones there, your attention will make it easier for the trees to grow in an attractive and healthy way. You won't have to attend to the trees daily, but with some weekly actions, you can be instrumental in keeping trees well.


If you're afraid that a tree will soon reach overhead power lines or want to stop it before that's a possibility, hacking off the top seems easy and correct. However, this can be one of the most egregious pruning errors you can make. The tree, of course, will soon start growing again, in ways you might not expect. Two branches could sprout from the top, or dwarf branches could grow, giving the treetop an odd and ugly look.

Chopping Large Branches

Very large branches can seem smart to cut off when you're trying to decrease foliage. However, consider that chopping such a large portion of the tree could be traumatic for the tree. The tree will need to seal itself in that area to lower chances of bacterial infection and pest infiltration, which could take time. During that time, the entire tree is much more vulnerable to other problems. Instead, focus on smaller branches when possible and get help with huge branches before sawing them off.

Cutting Too Much

If you cut too voraciously, you could be left with a tree that looks weak and has too much missing. In that case, you'll just have to remain patient as buds come in. Buds aren't always strong, so the entire plant could be vulnerable. Instead, take frequent breaks and look at what you're cutting or pruning so that you stop before too much is gone.

These errors could, in some cases, permanently damage your trees. It's often better to discuss your greenery with professional tree pruning services; they can ensure pruning is completed so that trees flourish.