Two Reasons Why Tree Stump Grinding Is Better Than Stump Removal

26 March 2018
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Whether a tree fell over due to a storm or you had it removed by a professional, chances are good you'll have a leftover stump taking up space in your yard. While you can hire someone to completely pull the leftover tree out of the ground, here are two reasons why you should opt for stump grinding instead.

No Giant Hole in the Ground

One of the top reasons why you should opt for grinding instead of complete removal is because you will be left with a hole in the ground if you have the stump pulled out. This is because the stump actually sits on top of what's called a root ball, which is the combination of tree roots and soil. When the stump is pulled out, the root ball will be removed as well, leaving behind a hole for you to deal with.

Having the hole may not be too bad if you're planning on replacing the stump with a new tree. If you're not and you'd prefer to avoid having a crater in your lawn, it's best to opt for stump grinding. With this method, the stump is basically broken and sanded down to a couple of inches below the ground. The pieces removed are chopped up into mulch you can use to cover the area or on your other plants.

Eventually, the remaining portion will decay and be reabsorbed by the earth. However, you can immediately have the area sodded over so that it matches the rest of your lawn. It's best to contact a professional landscaper for help with this aspect of the process.

Stump Grinding is Faster and More Efficient

Stump removal is typically an involved process that requires an excavator to pull the leftover tree and root ball out of the ground. Depending on the size of the stump, it can take several hours to complete the job and you would still have to do something about the leftover hole discussed above.

A stump grinder typically gets the job done faster and the actual machinery used in the process is generally much smaller than an excavator. Thus, you won't have to worry about ensuring there's enough room in your yard for a large machine to move around or having your lawn ruined by heavy tires.

There are many more benefits to having a stump ground away rather than removed. Contact a local tree removal company like Absolute Tree and Stump Inc for more information or to set up an appointment for service.