How A Tree Service Can Help Bring More Sunlight Into Your Yard When It's Too Shady

12 February 2018
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If you've lived in your home for several years, you've seen how the trees have grown and changed the way they affect your yard. If you live in the city with close neighbors who have mature trees too, your entire lot may be shady now. While you can't do anything about your neighbor's trees, there might be some solutions for yours. Here's why you may want to reclaim some of your yard from the shade and how a tree service can help.

Why Too Much Shade Can Be A Problem

While it's cool and relaxing to rest under a shade tree, when your home is surrounded by mature trees, there can be too much shade. This can cause the walkways in your yard to grow mold. Algae may grow on your roof and siding and make your home unsightly. Your property may develop a mildew odor. It can also be difficult to grow a garden or landscape your yard if there are no areas that get enough sun. Not only that, you don't have a place to sit in the sun during the colder days in the winter. You don't have a place to tan in the summer or hang clothes to dry.

How A Tree Service Can Help Reduce Shade

One option for reducing shade is to thin some branches from the trees. This involves removing inner branches so the shape and appearance of a tree aren't affected too much, but more light is allowed to filter to the ground. This makes it easier to grow grass and other plants and can help reduce mold and algae. Thinning trees can also boost the health of the trees since more sunlight can reach the trunk of the tree. Depending on where a tree is positioned in relation to the sun, thinking it may even provide some sunny spots for sitting or drying clothes during certain times of the day.

Another way to reduce shade is to remove some of the trees. This requires careful planning and considering the trees on your neighbor's lot too. You probably don't want to cut down a mature tree if a neighbor's tree near your fence is going to cast shade on the spot anyway. A tree service can help you identify which trees to remove based on their size, health, and location. If trees are too close to each other, they may be growing into each other or leaning in order to reach some sun. Crowded trees might lead to structural instability, so these would be good trees to remove and give you the benefit of more sun too.

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