Why You Should Have A Tree Service Plant Your Trees For You

26 July 2017
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Whether you have a large property that you want to make greener or a small city lot that feels a little bare, planting one or more trees can be the answer. You might feel tempted to go down to your local garden center, buy the type of tree you want, dig a hole in your yard and drop it in. This approach can work, but if you aren't experienced with planting trees, this may not be the best series of steps. Given the long-term investment in any tree that you plant, you want everything about it to be right — and this means that it's a good idea to hire a tree service to do this job for you. Here's why.

You'll Get Help Selecting The Right Tree

Choosing a tree to plant in your yard is about more than just the look of the tree and its price. There are other factors that are important to consider, and a tree service can help you with this decision. A tree service employee can visit your property to discuss where you plan to have the tree planted and what kind of tree you want it to be. This expert can then share some pros and cons of your idea, and even provide an informed suggestion or two. For example, if you have a garden near where you want the tree, a pine tree might be a poor choice; the acidity of the needles can affect the pH level of the dirt in your garden, potentially disrupting the growth of certain plants.

The Tree Will Be Planted Correctly

There's more to planting a tree than just sticking it in the ground, and your local tree service will take a series of steps to ensure that the tree is healthy right away. These steps can vary based on the time of year, your climate and even the type of tree. Additionally, the tree service will use various substances to stimulate the growth of the tree's roots; as the roots get stronger, the tree will, too. You'll also learn some initial care tips, such as how often to water the tree and at what times of the day.

Follow-Up Service

The tree service can remain a valuable resource for you even after the tree is planted. Someone from the tree service may make a follow-up visit to your home to assess how the tree is growing, and you'll also have the ability to call the tree service with any questions about the tree. For example, if you notice something that appears to be amiss, such as the growth of mold on the tree, you can quickly get a tree service, such as The Tree Lady Company, involved so that it can take the appropriate steps.