Looking For Some Privacy In Your Backyard? Grow Arborvitae Trees

16 May 2016
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Privacy is usually one of the higher priorities that people have when looking at homes to buy, but this does not mean that a home already has to have exceptional privacy. As long as the potential is there, the new homeowner can make additions later on to get the privacy that they would like to have. While most people think of installing a fence to gain privacy, another way that you can get it is by growing arborvitae trees.

Get Help for Organized Planting

Although you can go through the process of laying out the trees on your own, you will benefit from getting help with this delicate process. Arborvitae trees grow best when they are planted in full sunlight, but they can handle some shade and you can plant them in most soil types. The main causes for concern revolve around planting too deep and not properly spacing the trees to achieve a successful privacy line.

Affordable to Get Started

It is understandable to go through the pros and cons of both fencing and arborvitae, and one of the first things that you should come across is that the average cost to install fencing is around $4,500. For arborvitae trees, you can get your hands on ones that are six feet in height for around $50 each. When you combine this with the $100 to $500 that gets added on for delivery and planting, you will end up paying $900 to $3,300 to have six arborvitae trees planted for you by a professional. This makes it a much more affordable alternative, especially when your costs veer on the lower side of the average.

Wide Range of Zones

One of the huge advantages with arborvitae trees is that they do well in most climates. You can expect them to do well in zones 3 through 7, which allows you to plant them in extremely cold areas. It is rather common for privacy trees to not do so well in cold climates, such as the yew tree, which only grows well in zones 6 through 9. Another is the Leyland cypress, which you can only grow in zones 6 through 10. So, living somewhere with colder weather does not have to result in fence installation for privacy.

While there are plenty of trees out there that will provide you with the privacy you desire, going with arborvitae will give you a path that is both affordable and easy to maintain throughout the years. For more information, talk with a tree service in your area.