4 Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Hurricane Season

13 July 2015
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The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1st and lasts until November 30th of each year. As the season approaches, it is important that your family takes action to protect your home from the high winds and rain associated with hurricanes. Here are some steps you can take in the weeks before the season starts to get ready.

Trim the Trees

High winds can be damaging to trees, especially those that are already weakened. An airborne tree limb can cause significant damage to your home, cars, and put you and your family's safety at risk. To reduce the possibility of this happening, have your trees assessed before the hurricane season starts. Trim and remove any trees based on the recommendations of the professional tree services, like Tree Smart Inc.

Remove Rocks and Decorations from the Yard

Even though decorative rocks can help to improve your yard's overall appearance, they can be potentially harmful in a hurricane. Replacing the rocks with wood chips in areas, such as your walkways and gardens, can reduce the risk of damage. If you have any large decorative items, such as statues, you also need to anchor or move them indoors.

Anchor Heavy Objects

During a hurricane, yard furniture, canopies, and other heavy objects in your yard can get tossed around. To keep them from being thrown by the wind, you need to ensure everything is anchored. You can also store the items indoors when they are not in use. As an added measure, clean out your shed or other storage units just in case you have to use them at the last minute for storing emergency items.

Repair the Fence

Check your fence to ensure that there are no loose or missing parts. If you notice any, repair the fence yourself or hire a professional. A weakened fence can be torn apart by high winds or it could fall onto other items in your yard, including your home.

Install Roof Straps

Your home's roof can take a beating during a hurricane. To prevent significant damage to the rooftop, you can install roof straps. The straps help to secure your roof and prevent significant structural damage. You can also have clips installed on your roof to increase the security and prevent parts from flying off. 

Work with a hurricane preparedness expert to help get your home ready for the hurricane season. By getting your yard ready now, you can focus on other emergency-related tasks, such as preparing a first aid kit and food.