How To Protect Your Apple Tree From Bugs Without Using Chemicals

8 July 2015
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If you have an apple tree, you might have noticed that bugs are heavily attracted to it. This could cause the apples to be almost inedible and put the tree in danger of being killed. In order to avoid both of these problems, you will want to spray the tree with some sort of insect repellent. You are probably averse to the option of spraying your tree with a pesticide since you will want to eat the fruit that it produces. Here are a few tips for naturally protecting your tree from bugs.

1. Make a Dormant Spray

The first step is to create a dormant spray that you can spray on the tree just before it starts to bud, in early March. This spray is made up of one cup of water, two and a half teaspoons of vegetable oil, and a drop of liquid soap that has been labeled mild. You can increase the recipe so that you have enough of the solution to cover your entire tree. Don't be afraid to make too much.

Put this solution into a large spray bottle and begin to spray the bottom of the tree. Work your way up until you are spraying the highest branches that you are able to reach on the ground. Get a ladder and continue to work your way up and around the three to make sure that you spray every branch.

2. Make a Springtime Spray

In the first week of May, make another concoction that is very similar to the dormant spray that you made. For every cup of water that you put into the spray bottle, mix in one teaspoon of vegetable oil. Spray the tree in the same manner that you sprayed the dormant spray, only make sure that you thoroughly cover every leaf as well as every branch.

3. Blast Off the Aphids

At the very end of May, on a day when it is not predicted to rain, spray the tree with a high powered hose to remove any clinging bugs and aphids that might have decided to make their home in your apple tree. If you see bugs on your tree during the summer, mix cayenne pepper and vinegar with water in a spray bottle and spot check any parts of the tree that look like they have been harmed by bugs. This will repel the bugs and prevent them from returning.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in tree service (such as Troyer Tree Service Inc).