Four Unique Benefits Every Gardener Should Know about Tree Trimming Services

6 July 2015
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As a residential or urban gardener, you may already know that having the right amount of shade and sunlight in your landscape is important. This usually means either trimming the trees on your property yourself, or calling a service to handle the job. Before you try to handle it on your own, consider these four unique benefits that a trimming service can bring to your garden.

Personalized Mulch

One of the benefits you can take from a tree trimming service is getting fresh mulch. A unique benefit of this is the ability to get personalized mulch cuts and sizes for your needs. Most tree trimming services will offer the ability to get various grades of mulch from your tree trimmings and place that mulch in the areas you need it. This means while they are cutting and mulching, you can be placing and planting.

Landscape Timbers

There are some tree trimming services that will remove limbs, branches, and leaves from larger pieces of timber. This means that you can take the cleaned or stripped timber and use it as landscaping components throughout your garden. You can also have them cut the timbers so they can help build the borders of retaining walls and raised garden beds.

Fireplace Lumber

Most homeowners have tree trimming completed during the spring and summer months. When this happens, you may not think about having the lumber cut into logs for your fireplace. This is the ideal way to use up your extra timber from tree services to reduce your energy costs and keep your home warm and comfortable during colder times of the year. 

Compost and Grilling Chips

Compost and grilling chips can be expensive and usually come in small bags. The ideal time to get them in larger and fresher quantities is when your tree trimming service is working on your property. Take some of these unseasoned chips and toss them into your compost pile to bulk up compost and season or smoke a few to use in the grill to add flavor to your meats. If you have a smokehouse, use some of the chips to add to your wood smoke mixture.

If you want to get the most our of your tree trimming services, taking advantage of these four unique benefits is ideal. If you want to find other ways to use all of the tree trimmings from your scheduled appointment, discuss your options with a professional tree trimmer like Northern Virginia Tree Experts, Inc.