Bringing A Fruit Tree With You When You Move?

30 June 2015
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If you are going to be moving in the near future, and you have a fruit tree that you wish to bring along to plant on your new property, there are some steps you will want to follow so it survives the move. If you do not take precautions, a tree can die from an atmosphere change and from the shock of being moved to different conditions than where it was located before. Here are some tips to follow when moving a fruit tree to a new location.

Considering The Timing

If you are moving in the summer or fall, you may need to leave the tree behind until weather becomes cooler. The best time to move a tree is when it is dormant and before buds begin to bloom on its branches. If you are not moving in the winter or early spring, find out if the new homeowner will be willing to let you come back for your tree when weather gets nice. If not, you may need to leave it there for them to enjoy so you do not kill the tree by digging it up at the wrong time.

Getting The New Home Ready

It is best to make advance preparation to the land where you wish to move the fruit tree. Dig a large enough hole so the tree can be placed as soon as it arrives to the new destination. Look for a spot where the soil is rich and free from rocks. Look for an area where the tree will not be too close to other trees and make sure there are no power lines nearby. A day before you intend on moving the tree, fill in the hole with water so the ground is moist and ready to grab the roots when the tree is transplanted.

Bringing The Tree Home

When the day arrives to make the big move, dig around your tree, using an ax to break any larger roots that keep it from coming out of the ground. Have a few friends available to help you lift the tree from the area. Place a piece of moist burlap around the root ball and keep it in place while you haul the tree to your new home. 

When you arrive, remove the burlap and immediately place the tree into the hole you had dug the day before. Put dirt around the base to keep it in place. Place some mulch around the perimeter of the tree to help keep the ground insulated, helping the tree to become accustomed to its new environment. For more information, ask specialists like Souliere & Son Tree SpeclSts.