When Should You Absolutely, Definitely Have A Tree Stump Removed?

29 June 2015
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Once you've had a tree removed from your yard, you have another decision to make: what to do with the stump. Some people know they want a stump removed right away; other people want to hollow out their tree stumps and turn them into miniature gardens.

Stump removal isn't just an aesthetic issue, however; depending on the circumstances, it might be a very good idea to have the stump removed. So when do you definitely need to have a stump removed?

A Stump Close To A Structure

There are two reasons why stumps that are close to structures should be removed. First of all, the roots of a tree stump sometimes continue to grow – a good sign of this is if you see new tree shoots trying to grow out of the stump. Tree roots that are close to building foundations or buried pipes can grow into them, causing damage.

If, on the other hand, the tree is truly dead and begins to rot away, this can attract wood-eating insects like termites and carpenter ants. While that's not really a problem if the tree is on the other side of a large property, you don't want these insects moving in near your home. Once they're done with the stump, they might decide that your house would make a good meal.

A Diseased Stump

One of the major reasons why people have trees removed is because they have become diseased; cutting down the tree can save nearby trees, and it also prevents the diseased tree from becoming a hazard as it dies. But if you had a tree cut down because it was diseased, that disease may still be lingering in the stump. To keep the disease from spreading to other trees in your yard, you should have the stump removed.

A Stump In A Yard With Children

If you've got young children playing in your yard, a tree stump can be a real nuisance. If they aren't looking where they're going, they can easily trip over it; childhood probably involves enough skinned knees already.

If your stump doesn't match any of these criteria, that doesn't mean you can't get rid of it, of course. Many people choose to have yard stumps removed to free up extra space in the yard or to make mowing easier. Others want to remove a stump just because they don't like how the stump looks. But if your stump does fit into one of these categories, you should call a tree removal service about having it professionally removed.

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