Leaving A Tree On Your Property: Problems This Can Create

26 June 2015
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When you are thinking about leaving a tree on your property, you need to know what problems this could create. Once you have some information, you can then make a reasonable decision about whether you should leave the tree alone or remove it from your yard.

Foundation Issues

Trees commonly cause problems when they are too near a house by damaging its foundation. As a tree grows, its root system spreads out. When the roots hit an obstacle, they push against it, which causes some concrete foundations to crack.

Large roots can also offset a foundation. When this happens, the roots cause one corner of the home to lift up, which causes the drywall inside of the home to crack.

It is important to note that subterranean roots are not the only cause of tree related foundation issues. Some trees have roots that go along the top of the ground and when they encounter a home, the roots will crack the concrete.

In extreme cases, the roots will push against the home and then work their way under the foundation. When this problem happens, you could have a foundation that cracks and lifts up at the same time.

For these reasons, it is always a good idea to consult a tree service company about all of your trees. The company can explain which trees are not a threat to your home and they will help you remove the ones that could potentially damage your foundation.

Other Plant Life Suffers

Non-native invasive tree species can also be a major issue. Unfortunately, some people plant a very decorative tree before they realize what damage it can create.

All ecosystems rely on a balance of water, nutrients and natural predators. When one of these elements is out of balance, the non-native plant can easily take over the ecosystem and the other plants can die off.

For example, some trees rely on insects to keep them from becoming too large and taking over a yard. If one of these trees is planted in an area that does not have the insects used for controlling the plant, then the tree will overgrow and throw off the ecosystem of your yard.

To deal with this issue, you need to have a botanist look at the trees in your yard. The botanist can tell you if any of your trees are considered invasive species. If one is found, you will then need a tree company to come in and remove it for you.

Having trees on your property can offer you shade during the summer months, but they may also cause you some issues. For this reason, it is best to know whether the trees on your property should stay or go. One company that can help you with this process is R. L. Elliott Enterprises, Inc.